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What if I’ve already had a heart attack or a stroke?

Follow the recommendations of your doctor and look at changing your lifestyle to minimise your risk of a repeat incident. A low-dose aspirin such as Astrix™ taken each day can also help as a part of an overall plan to manage your health.

Such changes to minimise risk of a repeat event include;

• Regular checking of your blood pressure level
• Quit smoking
• Keep physically fit with exercise
• Maintain an ideal weight
• Limit your alcohol consumption
• Maintain good diet and nutrition
• Reduce intake of fatty foods
• Manage your diabetes with consistent sugar levels
• Reduce stress
• A low dose aspirin, such as Astrix™ may prevent blood clots in patients who have previously had a heart attack or stroke.

It is never too late to begin to manage your risk of heart disease or stroke and there is no time like the present. A little bit each day can add up to a lifetime of benefits.


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Your doctor will advise you whether using Astrix™ capsules as part of an overall program to manage the risk of heart attack or stroke is suitable for you. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Please visit your doctor on a regular basis to monitor your condition.